Mr.Saik Ft. Yemel & Jozen-El Choque Remix

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Este accidente sucedió el domingo 29 durante las competencias de la Formula GT 500 CUP en Medellín, si quieres saber todo sobre estas carreras que se toman Suramérica siguenos en facebook en GT 500 CUP y en Twitter en @Formulagt500.

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  1. pendejo estupido eres esto es reguebailable no se q escuchas pero tu puerko genero no pega… pero esto si asta la china se baila el choke de saik de PANAMA….real regueedembow……bleeeesss me gusta esto……

  2. dont worry, look at the back of the lambo, it is a kit car in the front was a old version, and the back is the new version…i saw that car in person, so i can tell it

  3. Why so much hate for the ‘Lambo? Both the Shelby and the ‘Lambo are great cars. All of you haters are just jealous because this is the closest any of you losers will ever get to those cars. Oh, and lemme guess-you’ve all got race-car driver skill sets and can drive better, right? Sorry losers, Gran Tourismo and Forza awards don’t count so until you can get your couch potato ass onto a track and do better just STFU…

  4. true, since the ford is not an exotic, but unfortunately in this case it`s the `german quality`that can`t seem to do a straight line and the `american plastic junk` has much less damage than the `german quality`one…

  5. @CenTexHemi lol why would I get butt hurt over a cheap wanna be sports car? Practically everyone has em. And lol viper are gay ass fuck compare to BMW,Lamborghinis haha more luxuries on q sports car than any american made piece of crap.


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